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Orange ComplaintsA mobile phone is the must have communications tool that both has you permanently connected to the outside world but also cost you a lot of money. Orange are one of the big five mobile phone companies and as part of EE offer a great service on both mobile calls and data as well as both mobile and fixed broadband. The Orange contact number deals with thousands of queries in regard to this each day.

It is not always plain sailing though and Telecoms regulator OFCOM statistics tell us that Orange regularly had a high average level of complaints during 2012 and 2013.

How Can You Become Disconnected from Orange?

A big complaint at the moment is that people have problems with their phones data use while overseas and although Orange offer international “roaming” people still contact Orange with complaints about bills costing £1,000s. Even in the UK, if you exceed our data allowance for the month the charges can start to rack up before you even realise it is happening on some of today’s latest Smartphone.

Account and billing issues can also cost you a lot of time and money to correct. Like all regular contract companies you will find that talking to Orange about cancellations will mean that you are talked into changing your mind or find that accounts do not get properly cancelled and more direct debits get paid.

It’s Good To Talk!

The good thing is that one of the easiest ways to deal with a company is over the phone. Orange have a simple contact process that allows you to talk to Orange about complaints and you can contact them though the usual customer service process as there is no dedicated Orange complaints number. As with any complaint you must make sure that you keep a note of when you called and who you spoke to in case your complaint.

If there is a problem that the Orange complaints team can solve then you might be entitled to have some money taken off your bill or refunded if you have already paid it. Although like most companies Orange refunds credit back to your account if you have already overpaid a bill then you can ask them to pay it back to you.

If you find that Orange are having problems resolving your complaint then you may want to ask for the Orange cancellations number and they will usually put you through to their customer retentions department who can bigger discounts or compensation to keep a loyal customer.