Orange FAQ

Orange FAQOrange UK is a leading phone and broadband services provider in the United Kingdom. It is now a part of EE, a leading telecommunications company which also offers services through T-Mobile in the UK. Orange provides residential clients and business customers with cutting-edge mobile technology, broadband services and television. Most people calling the Orange number ask questions about these things.

This Orange FAQ will answer any questions that you may have related to upgrading your phone for video messaging, getting a Swapables subscription and what to do if you want an Orange cash card. If you need further assistance use the Orange phone number to speak to a customer service representative.

Can I use my Orange mobile abroad?

Yes, you may use your phone abroad. Orange makes Roaming available to their customers. The costs of Roaming will vary depending on the countries that you visit and make calls from while you are abroad. The cost of making a call is about twice the cost of receiving one while you travel in another country. However, you can receive texts and photo messages for free. Orange will send you tips on how to save money while using Roaming if you let them know when you plan to travel abroad. 

How do I set up my phone to send and receive video messages?

Video messaging is an easy, affordable way to share events with your loved ones. You will need to install the correct settings on your phone for this to work. Go to Mobile Help and Support on the Orange website to choose your settings. Orange customers who request them will receive their settings by text message.

What should I do to get a Swapables subscription to Deezer?

Deezer is just one of the entertainment options which are available with a Swapables plan. Phones that are compatible with Swapables include the HTC One S and HTC One X. If your phone is not compatible you will need to get a new phone in order to use Swapables. You may select a Swapables subscription and view the time you have left by logging in to your account online. With Swapables you can select two subscriptions and exchange them every thirty days if you choose. 

How can I apply for an Orange cash card?

An Orange card lets you build up reward points that you can exchange for free minutes, credit and texts. Applying for the Orange cash card is easy. Fill out a simple form online, pay for it and you will receive your card about a week later in the post if you are accepted. You use a debit or credit card to make your payment.